8 expresiones con la palabra DREAM

Veremos aqui 8 expresiones muy comunes que incluyen la palabra dream. Si no conoces algunas de estas expresiones, revisa esta publicación.

  • A dream come true
  • Living the dream
  • Living in a dream world
  • Wouldn't dream of...
  • Dream on / In your dreams
  • Like a dream
  • The man/woman/thing of your dreams
  • My dream "x" is...
A dream come true
 If you describe something as "a dream come true", you are saying that is something you've wanted to do for a long time and it was as good as you had imagined. 
  • Going to Paris with my husband was a dream come true.
  • Ir a Paris con mi esposo fue un sueño hecho realidad.
Living the dream
 If someone is "living the dream", they are really enjoying life.
  • My brother is a racing driver, he's married to a supermodel  and he lives in Beverly Hills. He's really living the dream
  • Mi hermano es un piloto de carreras, esta casado con una super modelo, y vive en Beverly Hills. Esta realmente viviendo un sueño.
Living in a dream world
 If you tell someone they are "living in a dream world", you're saying that their  ideas  aren't real, logical, etc. 
  • If you think I'm going to pay for you to stay in a five-star hotel while I have to sleep on a sofa, you're living in a dream world!
  • Si piensas que voy a pagar para que te quedes en un hotel cinco estrellas mientras yo duermo en un sofá, estas muy equivocado.


My dream "X"...
 If you use "dream" as an adjective before a noun, it means it's your idea of perfection.
  • My dream house would be by the beach.  
  • My dream man would be tall, smart and handsome.
  • La casa de mis sueños estaria cerca de la playa.
  •  El hombre de mis sueños es alto, inteligente y guapo.
The man/woman/thing of your dreams
 The person or thing that you would most like to have.
  • Do you think I'll ever meet the man of my dreams?
  • ¿Piensas que alguna vez podré encontrar al hombre de mis sueños?
Like a dream
 Perfectly, without any problems.
  • The car works like a dream.
  • El carro funciona de maravilla
Dream on / In your dreams
 We use this expression when we want to say that we don't think something will happen.
  • You think she wants to go on a date with you? Dream on!
  • You think they'd let you work there? In your dreams!
  • ¿Crees que ella quiere tener una cita contigo? Sigue soñando!
  • ¿Piensas que te dejaran trabajar allí? En tus sueños!


Wouldn't dream of...
I you say you wouldn't dream of doing something, it means you'd never do it.
  • I wouldn't dream of lying to you
  • Mentirte es algo que no me pasaría por la cabeza.

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