English Class 101

English with Video: Insects

After getting everything unpacked and moved in to your new home in England, you decide to tackle that yard. You spend all afternoon planting tons of flowers and even a small garden. And just in time, too today, you have your five year old niece to watch. You follow her into the backyard as she runs out to play. First, she runs to a patch of flowers and yells back in English, "LOOOK! Bees are on the flowers!" Thinking she has been hurt or something is wrong, you run over to the patch of flowers and stare blankly into the beautiful blooms. Meanwhile, your niece has move on to bigger things at the gate to the yard, she yells back in English, "OOOOHHH! An inchworm is on your fence!!" Trying desperately to keep up with her, she dashes off to your garden, yelling back in English, "The ladybugs are everywhere!" Realizing at this point that she is not hurt (just excited), you ask in your best English you can muster, "What are you so excited about honey? Please show me." She replies in English, "Ha ha! I know English better than you do!!!" Something tells you that you won't learn anything from her today!

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