English Class 101

English with Video: Safari Animals

You are finally in the U.S., and while others might be happy with "normal" sightseeing tours, you want to experience EVERYTHING North America has to offer! On today's agenda the zoo in America! You can't wait to see how different the zoo might be from the one back home you have seen since you were two. As you walk through the zoo, you overhear people chatting about the animals in English. A lady looking at the monkeys says excitedly in English, "Look honey! The monkeys are eating ants with a stick!" You rush over to the monkeys; you have only seen them use tools on TV! How exciting! Moments later, you hear a man telling his son in English, "Look at what that baby elephant is doing!" Excited to see something new again (and feeling a little like a kid again), you rush to the elephants where you see the baby throwing dirt all around him. How cute is that?

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