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Words to make yourself more interesting

Do you want your stories to sound more interesting?

In this lesson I teach you all about 'informal intensifiers'. That's the grammatical name for an adverb, such as 'very', that makes adjectives stronger, as you see in the following example:

I'm hungry. [subject] + [verb] + [adjective]

I'm very hungry. [subject] + [verb] + [intensifying adverb] + [adjective]


I'm sure you already know the meaning of 'very'. However, we use different intensifiers depending on the background/social class of the speaker, as well as the formality of the situation.


This English lesson explains which intensifiers you should use in different situations. Some adjectives, mostly swear words, also act as informal intensifiers. This means that people use them in their speech for dramatic effect. In this lesson, you learn a lot of new vocabulary to make your speech more interesting. You also find out about the most commonly used swear words in British English, so that you can be interesting in every situation!

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