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Sound like a native speaker: the BEST pronunciation advice

Are you following the wrong pronunciation advice?

Do you think that to have good English pronunciation you need to say every word per-fect-ly?

Have you been told that you need to say each syllable in exactly the same way that it is written?

Well, in this video Jade explains why what seems like logical advice is actually COMPLETELY WRONG. The secret to getting excellent English pronunciation is to relax your tongue and to start missing syllables!

That's because native speakers do not speak perfectly in natural, everyday speech. In fact, it even sounds strange to say every word perfectly. She explains to you how we use 'elision' to make our speech more connected, flowing, and relaxed. This means that we don't say every vowel and sometimes even miss words. She also tells you about the most important sound you need to know about in English to improve your pronunciation - the schwa sound: /ə/.

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