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How to Pronounce letters NG


When you see the letters 'ng' in a word, how is it pronounced? There are four options.

1. The first and most common is as the NG, ng, sound [?]. As I've already explained previously, to make this sound, the middle part of the tongue, ng, comes up and touches the roof of the mouth/back of the throat. Ng, ng, ng. Example words: sing, among, thing, fling, along, bang, sibling. All of these have this ng, ng sound.

2. The second option for pronunciation is actually two separate sounds: the nn, nn sound [n], followed by the jj, 'jj' as in 'jar' [?] sound. 'Binge' is an example. Binge is a one syllable word, and nn-jj are the pronunciations for the N-G. Binge. However, it can also occur in a two-syllable word, or more, where one syllable ends with the nn sound, and the second syllable begins with the 'jj' as in 'jar' sound. For example: angel. An-gel. Two syllables. Danger, dan-ger, danger.

3. The third option is when the N-G is followed by an S-T, and they take up just one syllable of a word. The pronunciation is the ng, ng sound, and the G then takes a kk, k sound. Examples of this: angst, amongst.

4. The fourth option for pronunciation is the ng, ng sound, but the g is also enunciated, because it begins another syllable. Examples of this: fungus, anger, bingo, angle.

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