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How to Pronounce N [n] vs. NG [ŋ]: American English


I recently got an email asking me to make a video on the difference between the nn, N, and ng, NG sound. The nn sound: This sound feels more foward, it feels here, because the part of the tongue that raises is more forward. This forward part of the tongue raises and touches the roof Nn, nn, nice. On the ng, NG sound, it feels further back because the part of the tongue that raises is further back.  

For here, it is this part of the tongue, ng, ng, that raises and touches the throat / back part of the mouth. Nn, ng, nn, ng. Also, the jaw makes a small shift, but that is only to accomodate the part of the tongue that is moving. Nn, ng. It drops a little bit more, nn, ng, and moved back a bit. It's a down and back motion. Some words: Sin, nn, sing, ng. Sin, nn, touches here. Sing, ng, touches here. Fun, fun ... fung-ng-ng-us. Fun, fungus*. Sun, nn, sung, nn. [x2] The word running has both sounds in it. Run, nn, is the forward sound. Running is the back sound. So watch how my jaw moves on this word: Running.

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