Two Minute English

Asking for directions

Going somewhere and don't know the way? Listen to this lesson and learn how to ask for directions when you want to find out the way. Practice these phrases and sentences, and listen carefully to the conversation.

In this lesson, we are going to learn what to say when you need to ask for directions.

To the art museum

Ashley: Excuse me, sir. May you tell me where to find the art museum?

Stranger: You have to walk five blocks on Water Street, turn right and then walk one block.

Ashley: Do you know if there is a train station nearby as well?

Stranger: Yes, the blue line station is three blocks away from the museum.

Ashley: Thank you very much!

Going to the beach

Ashley: I will be driving to the beach this weekend. Can you help me figure out how to get there?

Lisa: I will be happy to help you. Where are you starting from?

Ashley: I will be driving from my house on Lewis Avenue near the post office.

Lisa: You should drive to the expressway, take exit 14 and the follow the Belt Parkway until you see the exit for the beach.

Ashley: Do you know if the beach exit is on the right or left?

Lisa: You will have to stay to the right.

Ashley: Thanks!

Finding a Coffee Shop

Ashley: Hi. I am looking for the coffee shop in Queens Village. Is it the next town over?

Stranger: You’re in Kings Town. Queens Village is two towns over. You have to go down the road 1 mile and then follow the stone path. You will see a pond when you get there.

Ashley: Is there a sign when I arrive at Queens Village?

Stranger: No, sorry. Just follow the landmarks I gave you.

To a shoe store

Ashley: I need to go to a shoe store in the mall quickly.

Lisa: You should take the elevator to the third floor and then walk straight down the aisle until you see Nine West Shoes.

Ashley: That seems far and I have to rush. Wouldn’t it be faster to go to Guess Shoes on the first floor next to the candy store?

Lisa: Yes, it would be. You can exit the store directly into the parking lot afterwards. Just pass the cashier and walk out the back door.

Ashley: Which back door? There are two.

Lisa: The one on the left with a sign that says, “Parking Lot Exit”.

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