Two Minute English

At a stationery shop

Going to the corner stationery store to get some pens a couple of notebooks? Here's what you will need to say to your friendly store manager. Learn the keywords and phrases, and pick up the necessary conversation skills when you shop.

In this lesson, we are going to learn what to say when you are at a stationery shop.

Buying a Pen

Jill: Hello, I am looking to buy some pens for my children.

Employee: School supplies? We have them all! Any specific pen type?

Jill: They need colored pens and erasable pens.

Employee: We have both of those kinds.

Jill: Do you have any pens in pink for my daughter?

Employee: Yes, we do. Is that all?

Jill: Yes, that’s all. I will take 3 packs. Thank you.

At a supermarket

Jill: Hi! I am here to buy a gift for my grandfather. He collects pens.

Employee: What kind of pen would he like?

Jill: He collects ballpoint pens and feather pens.

Employee: We have plenty of those in aisle 7 and 8.

Jill: Do you have ink jars as well?

Employee: Yes, in aisle 12.

Jill: Thank you so much.

Getting a cheaper alternative

Jill: Excuse me! How much is this pen?

Employee: That pen is $2.50.

Jill: I am looking for a quality pen to handwrite my book.

Employee: We have ballpoint pens and special paper in this section here.

Jill: How much is this pen set?

Employee: That set is $80.00.

Jill: Is there anything more affordable?

Employee: You can buy the same pen by itself for only $15.00.

Jill: Thank you. I will buy just the pen.

Buying a notebook

Jill: Hi, I am looking for a notebook.

Employee: Sure. What kind of notebook?

Jill: A ruled one. I want to use it to take notes at college.

Employee: Okay. I have this one in good quality paper and plastic cover.

Jill: It looks good. How much is it?

Employee : It’s 5 dollars.

Jill : I will take it.

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