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At the airport. Common words and phrases.

 Have you been to an international airport? In this lesson we will learn some of the things that you might need to say when you go to an airport and need to talk in English. Don't forget to pause and repeat and practice with the section at the end.


In this lesson we will listen to conversations at the airport.

At the security gate

Security Agent : Hello. Can I see your ID and the ticket please?

Passenger : Sure. Here's my ID and m ticket.

Security Agent : Thank you. You may proceed to the check-in counter.

At the check in counter

Agent : Good evening. Welcome to A1 Airlines. Please give me your ticket and ID.

Passenger : Here they are.

Agent : Thank you. Do you have any check-in baggage?

Passenger : Yes, I have one suitcase.

Agent : Okay. Any hand-baggage?

Passenger : Yes, I am carrying my backpack into the cabin.

Agent : Here's a security tag for your cabin-baggage please attach the tag to your bag.

Passenger : Thank you.

Choosing the seat

Agent : Would you like the window seat or the aisle seat?

Passenger : I think I will go for the aisle seat this time.

Agent : Sure sir. I can give you the aisle seat.

Passenger : Thanks. That will be very nice.

Agent : You're welcome. Your seat number is 6D.

At the Baggage checking machine

Guard : Please take out your laptops and mobile phone and put it in this tray.

Passenger : Alright.

Guard : You can proceed to the security check. Please remember to collect your items after the check.

Passenger : Thank you, I will.

At the security check

Guard : Please empty your pockets and put the contents in the tray, and hand me your boarding pass.

Passenger : Sure.

Guard : Please raise your hands and keep them raised while I inspect you.

Passenger : No problems.

Guard : Okay, you're cleared to go. Here's your boarding pass.

Passenger : Thank you.

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