Two Minute English

At the gym

Ready to workout and hit the gym? In this lesson you will learn the phrases and words that you can use when you talk about your workout. Don't forget to like this lesson if it was helpful.

In this lesson, we are going to learn about things you might say at a gymnasium.

Signing Up

Worker : Hello, welcome to the gym.

Charlie : Hello. I am interested in signing up for a membership.

Worker : Great! Do you want sign up for this branch?

Charlie : Yes. I also work in the city so I want to know if I can also work out there with a single membership?

Worker : Yes you can. You can work out at any of our gyms in the city.

Charlie : That's wonderful! How much is the charge?

Worker : The fee is $100 per month, but if you sign up for 6 months we give you a 20% discount.

Charlie : That sounds good. I will sign up for six months.

Working Out

Lucille : Hey Jimmy. I did not know you work out here.

Charlie : Yea, I do. What are you working on now?

Lucille : Today is my cardio and arms day. I am going to jog for a while and then work on my arms. How about you?

Charlie : I am working on my abs and legs today. I will be doing a lot of squats and sit ups.

Lucille : Nice. Do you want to stretch together afterwards?

Charlie : Sure. I'll see you later. Have a good workout!

Playing Sports

Terrance : Hey Willis! Do you want to play basketball later?

Charlie : I would but it is raining outside.

Terrance : Let’s go play at the gymnasium. They have indoor courts.

Charlie : That’s a good idea. They have indoor tennis courts also.

Terrance : Yes, I play tennis too sometimes. They have a lot of racquets and nice courts.

Charlie : Yea, let’s play tennis instead.

Joining Classes

Lucille : Hello, I would like to sign up for some fitness classes.

Worker : Great! What would you like to do? We have a lot of classes.

Lucille : I am not sure. What kind of classes do you have?

Worker : We have a lot of dance classes, yoga, light weight classes and pool cardio.

Lucille : I think I would like to join the pool cardio and a yoga class.

Worker : We have a 7am pool cardio class and 6pm yoga class.

Lucille : Sign me up for both!

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