Two Minute English

At a hotel

In this video we see a number of situations involving people who are at a hotel. This includes making reservations, requests, asking for information, etc. Watch this lesson and repeat the words and phrases to build up your vocabulary and fluency.

In this lesson, we are going to learn what to say when you are at a hotel.

Making a room reservation

(Holding a phone)

Mark : Hello is that The Resident?

Jenny : Yes it is. How can I help you sir?

Mark : I want to book a room for the 19th.

Jenny : Sure. What sort of room do you want?

Mark : A single room please. For 3 days.

Jenny : Alright. The rent for the room is $60 a day.

Mark : Okay. No problems.

Jenny : I will make the booking sir. Someone will call you up from the hotel later and confirm it.

Mark : Alright. Thank you.

Check in

Mark : Hi. I have a reservation for tonight.

Jenny : May I have your name please?

Mark : It’s Mark nelson.

Jenny : Okay Mr. Nelson according to our records a room for two guests was booked under your name.

Mark : No hold on. There must be some mistake I have booked room for one person only.

Jenny : Okay, let me check again. Here we are. Your booking is for the 19th right?

Mark : Yes, exactly.

Jenny : I am sorry, there must have been some confusion. Luckily we have a single room available. You can use the room 309.

Mark : Thank you.

Check in 2nd Example

Jenny : Welcome to The Resident hotel. How can I help you?

Mark : I have a booking here. For a single room.

Jenny : Sure. May I have your name?

Mark : It’s Mark, Mark Nelson.

Jenny : Yes. We have your room ready Mr. Nelson. It’s on the 3rd floor. The porter will guide you.

Mark : Thank you. My luggage is in the taxi outside.

Jenny : I will ask the bell-boy to get it.

Mark : Thanks.

Checking out

Mark : Hi! I want to check out. Can you please get my bill. I will be at the reception in about 15 minutes.

Jenny : Sure. I will have it ready for you when you arrive.

Mark : Thanks. I appreciate it.

Jenny : I hope your stay here was comfortable sir.

Mark : Yes, it was fine. Thank you.

Jenny : Welcome. If you have any feedback you can let me know.

Mark : Well, my dinner arrived a bit late, but everything else was okay.

Jenny : I am sorry to hear that sir. I will make sure that doesn’t happen again.

Mark : No problems. I liked this hotel.

Requesting Housekeeping Assistance

Mark : Hi. I am going out and I will be back in the evening. Can you please ask the housekeeping to clean my room?

Tom : Sure sir. You will have to leave your keys at the reception.

Mark : Okay. That’s not a problem.

Tom : The housekeeping department will have your room cleaned and the bedding changed.

Mark : Thank you.

Tom : You are welcome sir.

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