Two Minute English

At the supermarket

 Going to the supermarket to shop for your groceries? Here's a lesson that can help you speak in English confidently when you make your next trip. Master the words and the sentences that you need to shop at the supermarket in English.


In this lesson we will learn some key phrases that you can use when you visit the supermarket.

Buying milk and cheese

Laura : Hello. Can you tell me where I can find dairy products?

Clerk : Yes, go to the back of the store, and then turn right. You will see the dairy section in front of you.

Laura : Thank you. Will I find cheese in that section?

Clerk : The cheese is located just beyond the milk products.

Laura : Thanks.

Finding watermelons

Laura : I am looking for watermelons. Do you have any?

Clerk : Yes, we have some watermelons in bins at the front of the store. Then, there are some imported watermelons in the produce section.

Laura : Where is the produce section?

Clerk : Look to your right. Do you see the flowers? The produce section is just past the flowers on your left.

Laura : Thank you. I can find it.

Not finding what you need

Anton : I need detergent for my washing machine.

Clerk : You'll find detergents on Aisle 8. It's to the left.

Anton : I went there, but I didn't find the brand I want.

Clerk : Oh! We might not have it in stock. What brand is it?:

Anton : It's Washtime.

Clerk : Right. We don't have it at the moment.

Anton : When will you get it?

Clerk : We are getting fresh stocks day after tomorrow.


Laura : I have only 5 items. Can I use the express checkout?

Clerk : I am sorry, the express checkout is only for 3 items or less.

Laura : Okay, then I will have to stand in the regular queue?

Clerk : Yes, but it won't take too long. There's not a big crowd today.

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