Two Minute English

Describing people

What words and phrases would you use if you were asked to describe somebody? How would you describe their face or body?

In this lesson you will learn the phrases and practice describing other people.

In this lesson, we are going to learn to describe how people look.

Describing a woman

Tracy : Excuse me, are you Ms. Davis?

Shannon : No, I am not Ms. Davis but I know who she is.

Tracy : Great! Can you tell me where to find her?

Shannon : I am not sure where she is in the building now. I do know what she looks like though.

Tracy : Can you describe her, please?

Shannon : She is a tall woman, with dark brown hair and light brown eyes.

Tracy : Do you know what she is wearing?

Shannon : Yes. She is wearing a white dress shirt and black blazer and skirt.

Tracy : Thank you so much.

Shannon : You’re welcome. I hope you find her.

A blind date

Tracy : I have a surprise for you, Bridgette!

Bridgette : What is it?

Tracy : I am sending you on a blind date with my co-worker, Joshua. You two would make a perfect couple.

Bridgette : Thanks but I do not even know what he looks like.

Tracy : He is very handsome. He has a very friendly face.

Bridgette : What do you mean friendly face?

Tracy : He has a bright smile, beautiful blue eyes and smooth skin. He will make you smile. I know you like tall guys as well and he is 6’3.

Bridgette : He sounds very attractive!

A popular figure

Tracy : You know I am very inspired by Nelson Mandela.

Bridgette : Isn't he the former South African president?

Tracy : Yes, he is. He fought a long time for South Africa's independence.

Bridgette : He looks like Obama, doesn't he?

Tracy : Oh no he doesn't! Mandela is old. Obama is young!

Bridgette : But they are both tall and thin and black and they have short hair.

Tracy : But Obama's hair is black, and Mandela has white hair.

Bridgette : Well, they look similar to me.

A football player

Tracy : I love football season! My favorite player is Sean Culver this season.

Bill : Who is that? He plays for Dallas?

Tracy : Yea. He is the running back. He is average height and has brown skin.

Bill : I still don’t know who he is. What else does he look like?

Tracy : He is very muscular, has long hair and wears glasses to press conferences.

Bill : Oh! I know who he is. I do not like him, he helped beat my favorite team, the Patriots.

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