Two Minute English

Describing things and people

In this lesson of Two Minute English we will learn phrases and words related to describing people and things. You will learn about the adjectives that you can use for these descriptions, and also learn how to describe common features of people and objects. 
Please don't forget to repeat this conversation as many times needed and practice the repeat phrases.

In this lesson, we will learn about words and phrases used to describe things and people.

Describing a garden

Sam : I went to Mary's home yesterday. She has a beautiful garden.

Laura : Really? Is it very large?

Sam : No, it's small, but it has a lot of plants. There are flowers in red, purple and white.

Laura : I am sure they look pretty.

Sam : Oh yes they do. Mary has a very impressive garden.

Laura : Do you think you can make a garden as pretty as that?

Sam : I don't know Laura, I am not a good gardener.

Describing a dog

Sam : Sue has a new dog.

Laura : Oh, that is nice! What kind of dog is it?

Sam : It's black and tan in color. It's very small now because it's a puppy.

Laura : Do you think it will be a large dog when it grows up?

Sam : Yes. Sue told me it's an Alsatian. That is a large breed.

Laura : Is it ferocious?

Sam : No, he's just a puppy. He's very playful.

Laura : Oh I am glad. I am afraid of ferocious dogs.

Describing a Baby

Laura : Hey have you met Sara's daughter Allison?

Sam : I don't think so. I didn't even know Sara had a daughter.

Laura : Oh yes she does! Allison's 2 years old.

Sam : Two years? Is she cute?

Laura : She's very cute. She's adorable!

Sam : Tell me how she looks.

Laura : She has brown hair. Beautiful blue eyes, and she is growing some front teeth. She's a big, plump and healthy baby.

Sam : She does sound adorable!

Describe a monument

Laura : Have you been to the Taj Mahal? I was reading about it today.

Sam : Actually yes. I went on a trip to India after college and I saw the Taj Mahal.

Laura : Wow! Can you tell me how it was?

Sam : Well, it's white in color and rather big.

Laura : I hear it looks amazing on a full moon night.

Sam : Oh yes! I agree. It really shines in the white moonlight.

Laura : How was it from the inside?

Sam : It was pretty dark, because not much artificial light is allowed inside.

Laura : Hmm... I'd really love to see it myself someday.

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