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Saying goodbye in English. What to say when you leave.

Do you know what you should say when you are leaving after meeting somebody? In this English speaking lesson, you will learn how to say goodbye to people in different situations. You'll learn to say goodbye in formal as well as non-formal situations.

In this lesson, we are going to learn how to say goodbye to people when we leave them.

A formal meeting

John : Oh! I have another appointment. I have to go.

Allie : No problems John. See you later.

John : Yes. Goodbye Allie. It was pleasure talking to you.

Allie : Same here.

Another formal example

John : Thank you for the wonderful party.

Allie : You are welcome. It was a pleasure.

John : We have to leave now. Goodbye!

Allie : Goodbye! See you soon.

Friends at a bus stop

Allie : My bus is here. See you tomorrow!

John : Bye Allie!

Allie : Bye bye John!

Another informal goodbye

John : Hey gotta go! Catch ya later Allie!

Allie :Sure John. See ya!

One more example

Allie : Hey John! I am going home now.

John : Okay Allie. Take care!

Allie : Sure! You too!

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