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Going on a hiking trip.

 Ready to go hiking? In this video you will learn words and phrases that you can use when you go on a hiking trip. Build up your vocabulary and repeat the phrases after the speakers. Keep practicing and watching the videos on Two Minute English to improve your conversation skills.


In this lesson, we are going to learn what to say when you are going on a hiking trip.

Joining a hiking trip

Caroline : Hey David! I am going hiking at the state park this weekend. Do you want to join me?

David : I love hiking. How long is the trail?

Caroline : It’s about 3 miles long.

David : I may come. I have to buy new hiking shoes.

Caroline : You better have good shoes. It's a tough hike.

David : It'll be great! I like tough hikes!

Hiking and fitness

Steve : How do you stay in shape?

Caroline : I go hiking regularly.

Steve : Really? How does that help you stay fit?

Caroline : It keeps my legs in shape from climbing and my heart healthy from long walking.

Steve : I should try that out. Can I come with you next time?

Caroline : I've got a trip planned next week. You can come if you want.

Steve : I'd love to join you.

Buying hiking supplies

Steve : How may I help you?

David : I am going on a hiking trip next month and want to buy supplies.

Steve : Do you have any supplies at all or need everything?

David : I have hiking boots, ropes and some basic camping supplies.

Steve : That’s a good start. You may want to also buy some maps, a compass, thick socks and a harness.

David : Thank you for your help. I want to buy all of those items.

After the hike

David : Wow! That was a tough hike.

Caroline : Yes, it took us over 7 hours.

David : But we made it without any injuries or problems.

Caroline : Yes, it was a great hike.

David : And I didn't lose any of our equipment.

Caroline : You were really careful on this trip David.

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