Two Minute English

Going to the movies

When was the last time you went to the movies? Was it an English movie? In this lesson hear the participants discuss their plans to see a movie and learn the phrases and the words that you can use when you are ready to go for a movie yourself the next time. 

Remember to repeat the video and say the phrases after the participants.

In this lesson, we are going to learn what to say when you are going to the movies.

With a Friend

Anna: Hey, Sarah. Do you want to see a movie today after school?

Sarah: Sure. What movie do you want to see?

Anna: I am not sure. What movies are out now?

Sarah: They are showing “Avatar” and “Transformers” at 5pm.

Anna: Let’s go see Avatar.

Sarah: Cool! I will meet you outside after school.

With a Group

Anna : Do you all want to go to the movies this weekend?

Sarah : Sure! Let’s go see Spiderman 2.

Brian : Sorry, I cannot come. I have to study.

Anna : We are going on Saturday Brian. Try to come please.

Brian : Okay, I will try!

Sarah : Great! Let us know by Friday.

On a Date

Anna : Hi, Sarah. What are you doing this weekend?

Sarah: Not much. What are you doing?

Anna : I wanted to know if you would like to go to the movies with me.

Sarah: That sounds nice. What kind of movie?

Anna : Do you like scary movies or comedies?

Sarah: Neither. I like action movies. Can we see Skyfall?

Anna : Sure, I love action movies. I will pick you up at 7pm.

Buying Tickets

Sarah: Hello, may I have two tickets to see “The Hulk,” please?

Teller: Yes. What time would you like the tickets for?

Sarah: When is the next show time?

Teller: The next show time is at 5pm which is in 30 minutes.

Sarah: I would like two tickets for the 5pm movie then.

Teller: Your total will be $26.50, ma’am.

Sarah: Here you go.

Teller: Thank you, ma’am. Here’s your change and enjoy the show.

Buying Tickets #2

Anna : I would like to buy 3 tickets for the 1pm “Toy Story”, please.

Teller: Yes, ma’am. Is there anything else?

Anna : How much are tickets for children and adults?

Teller: Children’s tickets are $8.00 each and Adults are $12.00 each. We also have military, student and senior discounts.

Anna : Then I would like two children’s tickets and two adult tickets. Here is $40.

Teller: Thank you. Enjoy the show!

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