Two Minute English

Greeting people

In this video we will see some common phrases and words that you can use when you want to greet people. Listen to these phrases and repeat them to practice speaking.

In this lesson, we are going to learn how to greet people in English.

In the morning

Cindy : Good morning Laura.

Laura : Good morning Cindy. How are you?

Cindy : I am good Laura. How are you?

Laura : I am good too.

At any time

Cindy : Hello Laura.

Laura : Hello Cindy! What’s up?

Cindy : Nothing! What’s up with you?

Laura : Nothing here too.

Meeting friends

Cindy : Hey Laura! Hi!

Laura : Oh hello Cindy! How are you?

Cindy : I am good. What’s new?

Laura : Oh, I got a new job! Let me tell you about it.

In the afternoon

Laura : Good afternoon Cindy.

Cindy : Good afternoon Laura.

Laura : How have you been Cindy?

Cindy : I have been good. How are you Laura?

Laura : I am good too.

In the evening or night

Laura : Cindy! Good evening!

Cindy : Good evening Laura. What’s up?

Laura : Hey! What’s up Cindy?

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