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Hunting for a job

So you're looking for a job? Do you know what to say to recruiters and interviewers? In this lesson master the words and phrases required to assist you in your job search.

In this lesson, we are going to learn what to say when searching for a job.

Applying for a job

Joe : Good morning. My name is Joe Smith. I’ve learnt there’s a vacancy for a sales executive in your company.

HR : That’s right Mr. Smith. We are looking for an experienced sales person.

Joe : Sounds good. I have got 4 years of sales experience.

HR : Great! What sort of products have you sold?

Joe : Well, I’ve mostly worked in the tech industry. I’ve sold computers.

HR : That’s great! In that case I’d request you to come over for an interview.

Joe : Sure. I can do that. Can you tell me when to come?

HR : What about this Wednesday 5 PM?

Joe : Okay. I’ll be there at 5.

Calling a Candidate

HR : Hello. Is that Mr. Mark Anderson?

Mark : Yes. What can I do for you?

HR : I am calling from Market Corp. You’ve applied for a job with us. We received your resume in email.

Mark : Oh yes! I am interested in your vacancy for computer programmer.

HR : Excellent! I saw your resume, it is very interesting. Can you come in for a personal interview?

Mark : Of course I can! When do you need me there?

HR : If you can come on the 5th of this month, I will set up an appointment with our section head.

Mark : No problems. I can come on 5th.

HR : Great! See you at 11 AM then.

Mark : Sure!

Discussing Prospects

Joe : Hey Mark! How’s the job hunt going?

Mark : Hey Joe! Well, I have an interview lined up on the 5th.

Joe : That sounds exciting. Which company?

Mark : Well, it’s an ERP company.

Joe : Wow! What’s the profile you’ve applied for?

Mark : I’ve applied for Project Manager.

Joe : I am sure you will get it.

Mark : I hope so too. It looks like a great job!

Call for confirming hire

HR : Good morning, may I speak with Mr. Joe Smith?

Joe : Yes, speaking.

HR : Mr. Smith, this is Martha from Market People.

Joe : Oh, hello. Good to hear from you.

HR : Well, congratulations, because you’ve been selected for the job you interviewed for.

Joe : Wow! That’s great! I am sure I will love working for this company.

HR : I hope so too. Could you come on the 12th of this month for the orientation?

Joe : Yes, sure.

Rescheduling interview

HR : Hello, may I speak to Mr. Mark Anderson?

Mark: Yes, Mark speaking.

HR : I am calling from Market Corp. You have an interview scheduled with us for the 5th

Mark : Yes I know. I will be there as required.

HR : Well, I am sorry but we need to shift it to the 6th. You see the person who is supposed to interview you will be out of town.

Mark : Hmm.. That’s okay. What time on the 6th then?

HR : 11 AM. I am really sorry we have to reschedule this.

Mark : No problems. I understand.

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