Two Minute English

Likes and dislikes

How would you say you like or dislike something in English? Learn the words and phrases that you can use to show your preferences. Listen to the conversations and practice with at the end to build your fluency.

In this lesson, we are going to learn how to say what you dislike.

Talking about a class

Joanne: I do not want to go to class today.

Bruce: Why not?

Joanne: I do not like how the professor teaches.

Bruce: What is wrong with it?

Joanne: He only lectures and never has a discussion, and he gives too much homework.

Bruce: I do not mind him. I like his class.

Joanne: I do not like biology. I am an English major so I am not that interested in science.

Living in the suburbs

Joanne: Where do you want to live when you build your house?

Bruce: I would live in the suburbs of New York. I hate the city.

Joanne: Why do you hate it?

Bruce: The city is very crowded and noisy and there's no greenery. Just buildings.

Joanne : I know what you mean. I love the greens too. I wish New York was less urbanized.

Bruce: I think I will move to the countryside. I am very fond of trees.

Talking about a job.

Bruce: I've had enough. I am quitting my job.

Joanne : Why are you quitting?

Bruce: I can't stand my boss any longer.

Joanne : Why can't you stand him?

Bruce: He puts too much pressure on me and I hate that.

Joanne : He's a bad boss then.

Bruce: He is. Everybody loathes him.

Joanne : Well quit your job. You'll find a better one.

Sister's Boyfriend

Bruce: How is your sister doing?

Mark: She is doing well. She has a new boyfriend.

Bruce: Oh wow. How do you like him?

Mark: I don't like him at all.

Bruce: What is wrong with him?

Mark: He seems like a nice guy. I just do not like anyone dating my sister.

Bruce: Ha! Makes sense.

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