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Making excuses. Saying you can't do something.

 So you've been asked to do a favor that you can't do? It's time to make an excuse and get out of the spot. In this lesson you'll learn how to make an excuse and say you can't do something for someone.


In this lesson, we are going to learn the phrases that we can use when we have to make an excuse because we are unable to do something.

Can’t make it to a trip

Cherry: Hey, what’s up?

Lizzie: Nothing much, busy as usual with work.

Cherry: I am planning to go to the beach this Saturday. Would you join in?

Lizzie: Wow! I wish I could. But I am going outside the city on Saturday for a meeting so I can’t make it.

Cherry: Oh that’s sad to hear Lizzie. It will really be fun.

Lizzie: I know but I am stuck with work. I will join you guys some other time.

Leaving class early

Lizzie: Excuse me professor. I have a problem and I need to leave the class early.

John : What could be more important than School Elizabeth?

Lizzie: I need to go to the airport to pick a relative.

John : And how do you intend to make up for the missed class?

Lizzie: I will get the notes from my friends, and I will study them at home.

John : Alright, but remember there’s a test this Tuesday which will have questions from today’s lesson.

Lizzie: Thanks professor. I’ll make sure I cover what I miss.

John : Okay, I will excuse you today.

Not submitting a report on time

John : Mike, you were supposed to bring me the financial report 2 days ago. Where is it?

Mike : I am just about to finish it John. Just need another hour.

John : Hey! I needed it yesterday! What took so long?

Mike : I am sorry, but I wasn’t in yesterday because I was ill.

John : Oh really? I didn’t know that. Well I hope you’re feeling better and you can finish this report now.

Mike : It’s ready. I just need to check a couple of things. I will be down in your office in about an hour.

John : Thank you Mike. I need the report to make a presentation tomorrow.

Mike : No problems. It will be ready.

Excusing friend for party

Lizzie: Hey, Where were you last night John! We waited for you so long at the party.

John : I am sorry I couldn’t make it to the party. I had to stay late at the office.

Lizzie: But I told you about the party 5 days ago!

John : Yeah I know, but I had a presentation the next day and I needed to prepare.

Lizzie: You could have called John.

John : Yes, I am sorry. I was just buried in work.

Lizzie: Hmmm.. Okay. Well don’t do this again.

John : Sure I won’t.

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