Two Minute English

Meeting someone for the first time

How would you greet someone when you are introduced to him or her? What phrases and words would you use to introduce someone else? In this lesson we will learn the phrases and keywords that you can utilize when you meet someone for the first time.

In this lesson, we are going to learn what to say when we meet someone for the first time.

At the Office

John : Hey Sara! Meet Allie, our new Sales Head.

John : Allie, this is Sara she’s an important member of our sales time.

Sara : Hi Allie! Nice to meet you.

Allie : Hello Sara. It’s a pleasure. John has told me so much about you.

At a party

Sara : Hey John! Meet my friend Ruby.

Sara : Ruby, this is my boss John.

Ruby : Hi John! Pleased to meet you.

John : The pleasure is all mine.

Another informal meeting

John : Allie, meet Ruby. She’s Sara’s friend.

John : Ruby, this is my colleague Allie.

Ruby : Hello Allie. It’s a pleasure meeting you.

Allie : Thank you Ruby! Glad to meet you too.

Meeting a stranger

Allie : Hi. My name is Allie. I am new here.

Sara : Hello Allie. I am Sara.

Allie : Pleased to meet you Sara.

Sara : Pleased to meet you too Allie.

Another meeting with a stranger

Allie : Excuse me! Don’t you work at Greenlabs?

Sara : Yes, in fact I do. Do you know me?

Allie : I’ve seen you there. I work there too.

Sara : Oh really? That’s nice.

Allie : Yes. I am Allie.

Sara : Pleased to meet you Allie. I am Sara.

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