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Renting an apartment

 You need to shift apartments this month? Looking for a new pad? In this lesson you will learn the sentences and the phrases that you can utilize when you look for a new apartment on rent. Listen carefully and practice your speaking.


In this lesson, we are going to learn what to say when renting an apartment.

Finding apartment

Jade: How did you find your apartment?

Jenny: I got it online. I looked on a classifieds website.

Jade: That’s great. I want to move into another apartment.

Jenny: Hmm... Well you can find one online.

Jade: That sounds like a good idea. Will you come with me when I go to look at the apartments?

Jenny: Sure! But I can only come on the weekends.

An estate agent

Agent: Hi! How can I help you?

Jade: I am looking an apartment around the 3rd Cross Street.

Agent: Okay. What sort of apartment do you need?

Jade: Something not too big. I am going to live alone.

Agent: Do you want a single bedroom apartment?

Jade: Yes. That should be enough.

Agent: Okay. Give me your phone number. I will call you this evening after checking.

Jade: That would be fabulous.

Discussing security

Jade : This apartment has everything I am looking for!

Agent: Thanks. Is there any other information you need?

Jade : Yes. I want to know about the safety features.

Agent: Of course. There are guards in the building 24 hours. All of the apartments have an intercom and the doors are high security.

Jade : What about fire security?

Agent: Well, there’s an automated fire detection and sprinkler system, and there’s also a fire escape on the window.

Jenny: Sounds good! I like this apartment.

Asking a friend for help in moving

Jade : Hey Jenny! I need your help.

Jenny : Sure Jade! With what?

Jade : I am moving to a new apartment this week and I need some help.

Jenny : Okay. I can help you if you move on Saturday.

Jade : That’s fine. Can you bring your father’s big SUV please? I can transport my stuff in it.

Jenny : No problems Jade. I will ask him for the car. I am sure he will lend me.

Jade : Thank you Jenny. Can you come at 3 PM?

Jenny : Yes. I will also bring my boyfriend Mark to help you with the lifting.

Jade : Thanks! That’s great!

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