Two Minute English

Shopping for clothes.

So you're going to shop for some clothes this weekend? Get your English fix and learn the words and phrases that you can use when you shop for clothes. Repeat the words and the phrases and practice your pronunciation.

In this lesson we will learn the phrases you can use when you shop for new clothes.

Finding Trousers

Ben : Hello. I am looking for trousers where can I find them?

Clerk : You can find trousers in the men's formals section. It's on the 1st floor.

Ben : Oh! The first floor. Where's the lift.

Clerk : Go left for the lift. Or you can take the escalator which is to your right.

Ben : Thank you.

Clerk : You are welcome.

Buying shoes

Cindy : Hello. I need some comfortable office shoes. What do you recommend?

Clerk : You could buy Moccasins. They are comfortable and stylish.

Cindy : That sounds like what I need.

Clerk : Do you know your shoe size?

Cindy : I think my size is 8.

Clerk : If you are not sure we can measure your feet.

Cindy : No, I am sure because I am wearing size 8 shoes right now.

Clerk : In that case I will show you some size 8 shoes.

Buying a shirt 

Ben : I am looking for a long-sleeved blue shirt. Do you have any?

Clerk : Yes, we have several styles in blue. What size do you need?

Ben : My size is 42.

Clerk : Yes. Here are some blue shirts in this size.

Ben : I like the very dark blue one. Can I try it on?

Clerk : Sure you can. The trial room is over to the right.

Ben : Thank you.

Paying for your purchase

Cindy : I like these shoes. How much do they cost?

Clerk : They are 75 dollars.

Cindy : Okay. I will buy them. Please pack these.

Clerk : Sure. Would you pay by cash or by card?

Cindy : I want to pay by cash.

Clerk : No problem. Here's your bill.

At the checkout counter

Cindy : Hi! I want to purchase these jeans. Can you please make a bill?

Clerk : Sure ma'am. Are you paying by cash or by card?

Cindy : I want to use my debit card.

Clerk : No problems. Here's your bill. Please give me your card so that I can swipe it.

Cindy : Sure.

Clerk : Here's your card payment receipt. Please sign a copy and return to me.

Cindy : Okay.

Clerk : Thank you for shopping here.

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