Two Minute English

Taking a taxi

 Traveling abroad? What would you say if you needed to taxi? Here are the words and phrases that you can use. Repeat the conversation and practice to improve.


In this lesson, we are going to learn what to say when you need to take a taxi.

Telephoning for a taxi

Jacob: Hello, I would like a taxi to come to 511 Broadway, please.

Lucy : Where are you going?

Jacob: I am going to 1435 Park Avenue. It is in the city.

Lucy : What is your telephone number?

Jacob: My number is (215) 333-6879.

Lucy : Your taxi will arrive in 20-30 minutes. He will call you when he gets downstairs.

Going to a hotel

Jacob : Taxi!

Driver: Hey pal, where are you heading to?

Jacob : I am going uptown to 135th street at the Grand Plaza Hotel.

Driver: Get in! There is a lot of traffic. Do you want to take the highway? It has a toll but is faster.

Jacob : How much is the toll?

Driver: $6.50.

Jacob : Okay, that’s fine. Please, hurry. I am in a rush.

Catching a taxi to the airport

Lucy : I would like to go to the airport. How much?

Driver: There is a flat rate fee to the airport of $35.

Lucy : Yes, I do. We have to make one stop before going. Please pick up my friend at 14 Court Street.

Driver: The extra stop will be an automatic $10 fee.

Lucy : That is too expensive. Never mind, they will take their own taxi. Just take me straight to the airport, please.

Directions to the taxi

Driver: Hello, are you Mr. Smith who called for a taxi?

Jacob : Yes, I am. I am heading to the Trump Plaza Hotel. Do you know how to get there?

Driver: Yes sir, I do. I am going to take the FDR Drive then exit 3 to Front Street.

Jacob : I would like to avoid the highways. Please take major streets instead.

Driver: Sure thing. We will be there in a few minutes.

Scheduling a pickup

Jacob : Hello, I want a taxi to pick me up outside of Wal-Mart.

Lucy : What time?

Jacob : I will be ready in 15 minutes.

Lucy : Will you have a lot of bags?

Jacob : Yes I will.

Lucy : We will send a SUV taxi so you can fit everything.

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