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Talking about a song

Do you know what to say when you discuss the latest songs or your favorite music with your friends? In this video you will see several conversations where you can learn the most important phrases and words to use when you are talking about music.

Pause or replay this video as many times as you want, and practice along. Don't forget to repeat with our practice session at the end.

In this lesson, we are going to talk about a song.


Discussing a new hit

Jane : Hey, Andy, have you heard the new song Call Me Maybe?

Andy : I don’t know.

Jane : It goes like this, “Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy…”

Andy : I think I heard that already.

Jane : I’m sure you did.

Andy : Isn’t that one of the hottest songs today?

Jane : It is! I am going to sing that song at a party.

Andy : Really? When?

Jane : On her sister’s birthday tomorrow.

Andy : Why that song?

Jane : Well, her sister likes it a lot.

Talking about artists

Jane : I didn’t know Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj sang a song together.

Andy : Are you serious? Their song is number one on the charts right now!

Jane : What’s the title of the song?

Andy : It’s called “Beauty and a Beat.”

Jane : That sounds like an interesting song.

Andy : Yes, it is. The teenagers love it. I have it on my MP3 player.

Jane : Oh please let me hear it!

Andy : Wait. It’s on my playlist. Let me load it.

Jane : You really are into new songs.

Andy : Of course, I am. Here, listen to the song now.

A crazy song!

Andy : This song sounds crazy. What’s the title?

Jane : They call it Gangnam Style.

Andy : Odd name! Who is the artist?

Jane : His name is Psy.

Andy : I haven’t heard of him before.

Jane : That’s okay. He’s Korean.

In the Living Room with Friends

Jane : Did you know Robbie Williams has a new song?

Andy : No, I didn’t. When did he release it?

Jane : Just this month. It’s on the MTV charts now.

Andy : Oh, I don’t watch MTV much these days.

Jane : Does that mean you don’t listen to the current hits?

Andy : You can say that. I listen to my favorites.

Jane : No way! You should be listening to new songs as well.

Andy : Why should I?

Jane : Well, our friends will think you’re getting old.

Andy : I don’t care what they think. What’s the title of his song anyway?

Jane : Candy.

Andy : I don’t like the song name either. It’s too childish.

Favorite Song

Andy : What’s your favorite song Jane?

Jane : My favorite? I really love ‘You gotta be’ by Des’ree.

Andy : That’s an old classic. I am a big of Queen and I love ‘I want to break free’.

Jane : That’s a great song. I love it too.

Andy : Yes, Queen was the greatest band ever to exist.

Jane : I don’t know there were so many good ones.

Andy : But Queen was the best!

Jane : If you say so Andy.


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