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Talking about weather

Sometimes the best friendships start with a casual conversation about the weather. Do you know what to say when somebody talks about the weather to you? In this lesson master the words and phrases that are used when discussing the weather. 

In this lesson, we are going to learn words and sentences that can be used while discussing weather.

Discussing good weather

Lily: Don’t you think it’s really nice outside today?

John: Yes, it really is. The weather is perfect.

Lily: I think that it’s going to rain.

John: I hope it does rain.

Lily: I love it. The sky looks so clean after it rains. I especially love the night air after the rains.

John: I know. The rain does make it smell cleaner. I would love it if it rains today.

Lily: Yeah, so will I.

Going out in nice weather

Samira: I would really like to go to the beach this weekend.

Lily: That sounds fun. What’s the weather going to be like?

Samira: The forecast said it will be warm on the weekend.

Lily: So do you think it will be perfect weather for the beach?

Samira: Certainly. It sounds like it will be.

Lily: I really hope it doesn’t get cold.

Samira: I want this trip to be perfect. I hope it stays warm.

Changing schedule due to weather

John: It doesn’t look very nice outside today.

Samira: That’s true. I think we should postpone our plans for the beach.

John: Yeah, the weather is turning horrible. Weather forecast says it might rain.

Samira: Let’s plan for some other day when the weather is better.

John: That would be perfect. Wish the weather is pleasant soon.

Samira: Yeah! Me too.

Tomorrow’s weather

John: It’s so cold today!

Samira: Yes I know. I hope it’s warmer tomorrow.

John: No. Actually it’s going to be even cooler.

Samira: Well. How do you know that?

John: I read tomorrow’s forecast.

Samira: The forecast? Then you don’t need to worry. It will certainly be warm. The forecast guys never get it right.

John : Really? I hope so for our sake!

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