Two Minute English

Talking to a teacher

In this English speaking lesson learn the common words and phrases that you can use when you talk to your teacher about something. Practice these common situations, and also repeat the words and phrases to build your fluency.

In this lesson, we are going to learn what to say when talking to a teacher.

Not done home assignment

Student: Excuse me professor, I am sorry I don’t have my homework today.

Professor: You usually turn in your homework in time. What happened this time?

Student: I wasn’t feeling well

Professor: Well. What happened to you?

Student: I had a terrible headache.

Professor: How are you feeling now?

Student: It’s much better. I will do yesterday’s homework along with today’s.

Professor: Okay. Take care.

Submitting assignment

Student: Professor, can I submit my assignment today?

Professor: Today? But there are 5 days left to the deadline.

Student: I know, but I’ve already finished it.

Professor: Hmmm... Is that so? Did you check it for errors?

Student: Well no... Not really.

Professor: Why don’t you read it once more then and see if there are any errors. Submit the assignment tomorrow if it’s fine.

Student: Thanks. I will do that professor.

Getting assignment

Professor: This week’s assignment is a 1500 word essay on the economic situation.

Student: Professor, can we use illustrations in the essay?

Professor: Well, that’s an unusual request. I suggest you only use words.

Student: Okay. No problems.

Professor: Remember, you’ll be graded for the essay in your internal review.

Student: Sure. I will do my best to prepare a great essay.

Asking for special classes

Student: Good morning professor. May I come in?

Professor: Yes, good morning. How is your football practice going?

Student: There is a problem as my mother is not happy about my missing classes. She thinks my studies will suffer.

Professor: Well, in that case what do you propose to do?

Student: I am very eager to play this tournament. I wonder if I can take some extra classes after school to make up for the lost time?

Professor: Yes, it can be done. I can give you half an hour after school every day.

Student: Thank you so much. I appreciate this.

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