Inglés para los más avanzados


Con los chistes sucios de Eli, reirás, pondrás a prueba tu nivel de inglés, y aprenderás palabras que a menudo los profesores no enseñan. Cuidado! No uses palabrotas en clases o en el trabajo.


En esta sección verás un video animado creado por GopotatoTV. Cada video cuenta un chiste sucio en inglés.

No son videos creados para estudiantes de inglés, por lo tanto, escucharás un lenguaje natural, muy rápido y rico en expresiones comunes y palabras vulgares que no encontrarás en textos de estudio y que usualmente los profesores no enseñan a sus estudiantes.

Sin embargo, este vocabulario es conocido por todo hablante nativo, y por lo tanto es útil para todo estudiante avanzado de inglés.

Advertencia: algunos contenidos pueden parecer vulgar u ofensivo para algunas personas.

Lo incluimos aquí sólo con fines educativos. 

Si puedes escuchar y entender uno de estos chistes, no estudies más, tu nivel de inglés es

"SUPER avanzando!"

Eli the Accountant reveals some astonishing similarities between a BBQ grill and the female anatomy.
Eli the Accountant recounts a story of sexual misfortune when man and moose become one.
Eli the Accountant narrates the story of an old safari hunter and his close encounter with the king of the jungle.

     Episode 3: RAWR!   

Eli the Accountant alters people's marital preconception by telling us a story of Little Jonny, a young boy that knows a little too much about the birds and women.

   Episode 4: Five birds        

 Eli the Accountant tells the tale of a businessman with the good fortune to sit next to a hot babe on his flight.
Eli the Accountant tells the story of a pianist with a gift for naming his tunes.

         Episode 6: Piano man   

Eli the Accountant tells the tale of an overprotective farmer, his three daughters, and his shotgun.
Eli the accountant tells the story of an ambitious track coach that will do whatever it takes to win a ladies high school track and field championship.

Eli is back with a story of love that knows no boundaries...
Eli the accountant shows us why its important to know the language when getting a Japanese prostitute.
Everyone's favorite joke telling accountant returns with the tale of a man who truly loves his sheep.
Eli the Accountant gives us a private glimpse into the mourning of three gay widowers.

Eli the Accountant tells the story of three cons on the run from the law. It's almost like an episode of Prison Break.
 Eli the Accountant takes us inside the hospital with the story of a vaginoplastic surgery patient's remarkable recovery.
Eli the accountant channels the voice of a sassy young lady who knows how she likes her door unlocked.
Eli the Accountant is back with the story of three tourists looking for a good time in Saudi Arabia.

Eli is back with the story of a dirty old drunk who won't stop taunting an innocent bar patron.
A young man comes to the rescue after a wayward peanut gets lodged in his date's father's ear canal.
An inquiring friend can't seem to get over his buddy's unusual hunting methods.
After striking it rich in Alaska, a miner goes in search of a special lady to celebrate with.

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