Episode 11: The Shepard and his boy

Aprendamos inglés!

  •  Escucha el video, observa bien las imagenes e intenta entender el sentido general.
  •  Escucha el video y sigue la transcripción, no te preocupes por la rapidez, la idea es ir poco a poco acostumbrando el oído a la pronunciación y al ritmo rápido de una conversación normal.
  • Revisa el vocabulario, ¿hay palabras que no conoces? intenta inferir su significado a traves del contexto.
  • Pone a prueba tu vocabulario, asocia cada palabra extraida de la transcripción con su significado.

Ok, this gentleman was driving along a country road one day, he looks to... over to the side into the pasture and he sees this man having sex with his sheep, and he thinks to himself: that is disgusting! How can a man do such a thing?! He'd be ashamed of himself, and he drives a few hundred yards and he stands on the brakes, "I'm gonna go back, give this guy a piece of my mind". So returned the car around, find his farmhouse, gets out of the car, comes up to the farmhouse, knocks on the door and this little boy answers, and the boy says "can I help you?" And the man says, yeah, he says, uh, I'd like to talk to your father. Yeah just a second, hey daaaaad!

Do you know these words?

¿Conoces estas palabras?

  • Country   
  • Disgusting 
  • Guy
  • Yards
  • Road 
  • To be ashamed  
  • To give a piece of your mind
  • Farmhouse
  • Pasture 
  • To stand on the brakes   
  • To knock on the door 
  • To go back

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