Episode 2: Moose hunting

Aprendamos inglés!

  •  Escucha el video, observa bien las imágenes e intenta entender el sentido general.
  •  Escucha el video y sigue la transcripción, no te preocupes por la rapidez, la idea es ir poco a poco acostumbrando el oído a la pronunciación y al ritmo rápido de una conversación normal.
  • Revisa el vocabulario, ¿hay palabras que no conoces? Intenta inferir su significado a traves del contexto.
  • Pone a prueba tu vocabulario, asocia cada palabra extraida de la transcripción con su significado.

These two guys, Bill and Ted went out hunting moose. But after 3 days, they had come up with nothing so they... decided that they were going to improvise so on the next trip they brought along a moose costume and some artificial moose mating scent. They sprayed the scent all around the trees at the edge of a clearing and quickly climbed into the costume. Bill in the front, Ted in the back. After a few minutes, a huge bull moose came running towards them from the trees. Bill screamed at Ted, 'we got to...co' ... ok gotta repeat this part, ok... 'we've got a big one coming, hand me the rifle. Ted screamed back 'I thought you had the rifle, what're we gonna do? And Bill says, 'well I think I need some rest, but you better brace yourself!

Do you know these words?

  • Moose      
  • Costume       
  • Clearing
  • Guy
  • To improvise  
  • Mating     
  • To hand      
  • Rest
  • Trip
  • Scent
  • To hunt
  • To brace  

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