Episode 6: Piano man

Aprendamos inglés!

  •  Escucha el video, observa bien las imágenes e intenta entender el sentido general.
  •  Escucha el video y sigue la transcripción, no te preocupes por la rapidez, la idea es ir poco a poco acostumbrando el oído a la pronunciación y al ritmo rápido de una conversación normal.
  • Revisa el vocabulario, ¿hay palabras que no conoces? Intenta inferir su significado a traves del contexto.
  • Pone a prueba tu vocabulario, asocia cada palabra extraida de la transcripción con su significado.

An unemployed piano player walks into this piano bar and he starts jamming, the manager runs up because...'hey I've never heard anything like this before' and the pianist says thanks, uh, I'm glad your enjoyed it, and launches into another song, he says ' this one is called 'I wanna suck your titties' and this one is called 'banging a buglady'. I'll tell what, says the manager, come back at night and we'll see how it goes, just don't announce the names of your songs. So that night the piano player comes in, starts playing and after about an hour he excuses himself to go to the bathroom. And when he comes out, there's a hush that falls over the crowd, and one of the people in the crowd, says ' hey buddy, you know, your schlong is hanging out of your zipper. No, he says, I wrote it.

Do you know these words?

¿Conoces estas palabras?

  • To hang out   
  • To launch into    
  • To bang     
  • Buddy
  • To jam 
  • To suck    
  • Hush    
  • Schlong
  • Glad
  • Titties
  • Crowd
  • Zipper 

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