Dirty Jokes

Ingles para los más avanzados


Con los chistes sucios de Eli, reirás, pondrás a prueba tu nivel de inglés, y aprenderás palabras que a menudo los profesores no enseñan. Cuidado! No uses palabrotas en clases o en el trabajo.



Advertencia: algunos contenidos pueden parecer vulgar u ofensivo para algunas personas.

Lo incluimos aquí sólo con fines educativos. 

Si puedes escuchar y entender uno de estos chistes, no estudies más, tu nivel de inglés es

"SUPER avanzando!"

Eli the Accountant tells the story of a young mother's bumpy bus ride.
Romantic sunsets on a deserted island stir up strange feelings in a man who is desperate for affection.
A young couple is startled in the middle of the night by a kinky escape convict.
Our favorite accountant is back with another classic dirty joke.

   Episode 24: Prime mates        

 Eli the accountant tells the story of a middle aged man's lifted face and confidence.
Two tall trees can't quite figure out the origin of a young tree nearby.

         Episode 26: Son of a beech   

Two drunks come up with a clever plan to disguise their inebriation.
 A clever shrink analyzes a group of mothers and their obsessions.

Eli is back with a story of three guys and their strange dreams.
A guy gets more than he wished for when he meets a leprechaun in the men's room.
This is the tale of two whales who just wanna have some fun.
Eli the Accountant tells us about a horny pilot across the Atlantic.

Eli the Accountant tells about this special guest who likes quickies.
 The captain tells a new recruit about a pirate's life out on the open seas.
A young man gets a tempting offer from an attractive older woman.
A man is less than impressed with the sanitation practices of a local chef.

This bachelorette and her friends are having a great time.
This husband can't sleep, he's got this dilemma to solve.
A genie wants to grant you a wish, what could possibly go wrong? Watch out!
This cowboy is proud of his new rootin' tootin' boots. But he doesn't have the last word.

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