Episode 22: Sunset Island

Aprendamos inglés!

  •  Escucha el video, observa bien las imágenes e intenta entender el sentido general.
  •  Escucha el video y sigue la transcripción, no te preocupes por la rapidez, la idea es ir poco a poco acostumbrando el oído a la pronunciación y al ritmo rápido de una conversación normal.
  • Revisa el vocabulario, ¿hay palabras que no conoces? Intenta inferir su significado a traves del contexto.
  • Pone a prueba tu vocabulario, asocia cada palabra extraida de la transcripción con su significado.

A man, a dog and a pig were stranded on a deserted island. After weeks of being trapped there, they settled into a ritual of going to the beach each evening to watch the sunset. One particular night the sky was with a bright orange, and the view was so romantic that the pig started to look attractive to the man. So the man leaned over, put his arm around the pig and starts calling the pig, and trying to make out. Well the dog did not like this at all, and he began to growl at the man until he loosed his arm. In the following weeks the three kept watching the sunset together but there was no further cuddling. Then one day a beautiful young woman was upon the shore, the man nursed her back to his house, and invited her to come to watch the sunset with him. Again the sky was orange and the view was so romantic that the man began to have those feelings again, so he turned to the woman and whispered in her ear: "Would you mind taking the dog for a walk?"

Do you know these words?

¿Conoces estas palabras?

  • Stranded
  • To look attractive
  • To growl
  • To nurse   
  • To be trapped 
  • To lean 
  • To loose  
  • To turn to
  • To settle into     
  • To make out   
  • To cuddle
  • To whisper

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