Episode 24: Prime Mates

Aprendamos inglés!

  •  Escucha el video, observa bien las imágenes e intenta entender el sentido general.
  •  Escucha el video y sigue la transcripcion, no te preocupes por la rapidez, la idea es ir poco a poco acostumbrando el oido a la pronunciación y al ritmo rapido de una conversacion normal.
  • Revisa el vocabulario, ¿hay palabras que no conoces? Intenta inferir su significado a traves del contexto.
  • Pone a prueba tu vocabulario, asocia cada palabra extraida de la transcripción con su significado.

A guy walks into a bar and orders a drink, as he's sitting on a bar stool. He notices there's a monkey in a cage behind the bar, so he asks the bartender "hey what's to do with that monkey over there? Trust me you don't wanna know responds the barkeep. After a couple of more beers the guy begs him "come on, I gotta know why you've got that monkey in here". So the bartender says, "fine, I'll show you". He then takes the animal out of its cage and smacks him on the head with a baseball bat. The monkey inmediatly unzipped the bartender's pants and began to give him a big J. He then looks over at the guy and asks "you wanna try it? "Yes" says the man, "but just don't hit me that hard!"

Do you know these words?

¿Conoces estas palabras?

  • Bar stool     
  • Bartender o Barkeep 
  • To beg
  • To unzip 
  • To notice      
  • To trust      
  • To show
  • A big J     
  • Cage     
  • Beer 
  • To smack     
  • To hit

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