• Find out what six people think about the rain and rainy days..
  • Descubre que piensan estas 6 personas acerca de la lluvia y los días lluviosos.

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The question is:

  How do you feel about rain

and rainy days?

...and here's the script ;)

Marion, Ireland

Well, in Ireland we always have a lot of rain. It tends to rain for most of the year so I'm quite used to rain, but it's a soft rain, so I quite like the soft rain. I don't like really, really hard rain that stops you from doing things. On a rainy day, I usually stay inside and if I'm in Ireland, I'll curl up by the fire and read a really good book.

On a rainy day, I just love to sleep in, until about 11 or 12 o'clock, because I can feel, I feel more calmer and I feel more relaxed, and then I might watch some TV, watch a movie with my friends at home, cook some popcorn, and generally for the whole day, we just relax at home.

kate, New Zealand

Jeyong,  Korea

I don't like rain and that's because rainy days make me very sad and depressed so most of the rainy days I stay at home, not, I try not to go outside and at home I would just get a cup of coffee, turn on the air-conditioner, turn on the internet and chat with friends whose online.

Ah,the rain! I like rain. I like the sound of it. I like being alone in my room and just looking outside at the rain. Sometimes I like to walk around in the rain, with or without umbrella, depending on my mood. I just feel really good about rainy days.

Jeannie, United States

Barbara, Australia

How do I feel about the rain? Actually, I don't mind rainy days at all. It's fine by me to go out in the rain. It doesn't bother me in the slightest. You can go for a walk in the rain. It can be quite romantic when you're with someone you love. That's a good thing. Actually, I prefer cooler weather to warm weather and if the rain is part of that, that's no problem as far as I'm concerned.

Rain! I absolutely love rain. You know it always makes me laugh. People go outside and it starts raining and they start running like they're going to catch a disease from the rain or something. I think it's only water. I really love the rain. Obviously I like sun too. I think everybody likes the sun and I love snow but if I were asked what is my favorite weather, I would have to say the rain because I just love getting wet outside.

Ruth, England

Useful English expressions

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To curl up


To be quite used to something

Estar bastante acostumbrado a algo

To sleep in

Dormir hasta tarde

...depending on my mood

Depende de mi estado de ánimo

...as far as I'm concerned

...en lo que a mí respecta

It doesn't bother me in the slightest

No me molesta ni en lo más mínimo

To get wet


To catch a disease

Coger una enfermedad

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How do you feel about rainy days?

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