• Six people answer the following question: Is the world becoming a better place to live?
  • Seis personas responden la siguiente pregunta: ¿esta el mundo convirtiendose en un peor o mejor lugar para vivir?

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The question is:

Is the world becoming a better place to live?

...and here's the script ;)

Eucharia,  Ireland

Is the world a better place, well, I do think so because of influences such as the internet and globalization and growing interest in intercultural communication so people are more interested in each other where as before people were more introverted and inward looking especially in island countries.

I think the world is becoming a worse place. It seems like, you know, weapons are becoming more advanced and people aren't getting along any better so with every one having access to all these advanced weapons maybe things will come to a head and we probably won't be here much longer.

Jeanie, United States

Jim, England

Is the world becoming a better or worse place? That's a very, very difficult question, and I'm not really sure of the answer, but one thing I am sure of is that because of the increases in communications and technology far more people are aware of bad events that happen in the world, compared to say, a hundred years ago, so maybe it seems like a worse place, but maybe that's just because we are better informed.

I think this world is becoming somewhat a better place in respect to technology advancements. And with the technology advancements, medications and diseases can be cured a lot faster and better. However we still have the wars going on, Iraq wars and many, maybe civil wars as well, which is not so good, but I think we can overcome then and the world will become a better place.

Kate, New Zealand

Rina, Canada

I think the world is becoming a better place in some areas and a worse place in some areas. When it comes to technology, and advancements, definitely better. When it comes to humanity and being better people, I think in a lot of areas it's getting worse. I think a lot of people are more concerned about themselves than other people's welfare.

I think unfortunately the world is becoming a worse place to live in. I wish it were becoming better and that people would get on with each other and forget about differences but I think we're going in the opposite direction. I don't know what we can do to change it. It seems like people want a better world but too few people are willing to actually stand up and do something about what they believe in.

Lucinda, New Zealand

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To be willing to...

Estar dispuesto a...



To believe in...

Creer en...


De alguna manera o en cierto modo

opposite direction

Dirección opuesta

To be aware of

Estar al tanto de

To come to a head

Llegar a un punto crítico

Introverted person

Persona introvertida

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Is the world becoming a better place to live?

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