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The question is:

What do you waste money on?

...and here's the script ;)

Barbara, Australia

Something that I waste money on, would probably be, uh, books. I always buy books. I love reading. Uhm, it's terrible if I'm stuck on the train or waiting for something and I don't have something to read so I tend to buy a lot of books, novels, a few magazines, reader's digest and also I waste a lot of money on shampoo because I have long hair and I have to wash my hair every day. That's a big pain.

Something that I waste money on, for me this would be jewelry. I often spend too much money on jewelry because shiny things really attract me. If I'm shopping somewhere and there's something shiny flashing at me I usually stop and look and often times the salesperson can get me to buy. Another thing, might be books but I don't know so much if that is a waste or not.

Jeanie, United States

Mark, United States

Ah, I waste money on, I guess mostly on going out, like whether it's going to restaurants or, I don't really go to clubs or anything, but, yeah, I just spend money temporary things. I don't actually buy a lot of objects like a stereo or a CD, or anything like that, I just spend money on going out with my friends, and just food and drinks basically.

Uh, something that I waste money on is DVDs. I'm always buying DVDs and I'll be in some electronics, like store, and I'll see a new DVD and I'll buy it, rather than just go to the video store and rent it. I don't know why but I like to buy the DVD when it has the special stuff on the back, but still, it's pretty expensive when you think about it, so, yeah, I waste way too much money on DVDs.

Todd, United States

Naomi, New Zealand

Something I waste money on often is clothes shopping. Uhm, I guess because I'm a girl to start with, shopping is always a fun pastime and I find it relaxing, actually I call it shopping therapy to go and buy some new clothes, uhm often by myself I go shopping, but... shopping is something I spend or waste money on.

I don't usually spend that much money on anything but then if there's something I waste money it would be food. I like desserts, especially ice cream so when I go out for dinner I would definitely have a dessert afterwards and cakes, candies, chocolates, all those things, I spend money on.

Jeyong, Korea

Useful English expressions

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Way too much

Demasiado o Muchísimo


En realidad

Rather than

En vez de

It attracks me

Me atrae (interesa mucho)

To be stuck

Estar atascado (sin poder ir a otro lugar)

A big pain

Molestia o inconveniente

By myself

Solo (sin compañia)

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What do you waste money on?

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