• A clean freak is someone who loves a clean environment. Hear six responses.
  • Un "clean freak" (loco por la limpieza) es alguien que ama un entornno limpio. Escucha seis respuestas.

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The question is:

  Are you a clean freak?

...and here's the script ;)

Tres, United States

Clean freak? Those guys don't exist anymore. I'm a neo-clean freak. I cannot leave my house without scrubbing my bathroom floors, without washing down the kitchen, washing my dishes, even you know, scrubbing under my sinks. That little area where you put your plastic bottles or what have you, so everything has to be cleaned. I usually wear gloves, see! I'm wearing gloves now.

Am I a clean freak? Yes, I definitely am a clean freak. I... I hate when my place is messy, particularly kitchens. I don't like when my kitchen is dirty because it makes the whole house look messy and I like it when other people do me... pay me the same respect and have their places clean when I'm over because I think it's rude if you're place is messy and you have company, and I... it drives me nuts, if I, if my room is messy. I don't know, I just like it, I like it clean and tidy and organized.

Rina, Canada

Jeannie, United States

OK, am I a neat freak? No! Not at all. My room is always messy. It usually kind of mirrors what is going on in my mind. If my room is junky my mind is junky as well, so every now and then I try to clean my room just to make things neat in my own mind again.

I don't think I'm a clean freak. I would describe my mother as a clean freak. Her hobby is hoovering and dusting. Uh, not really, but she likes to keep the house very clean. I suppose I'm a clean freak for myself. I always have a shower every day.

Jim, England

Marion, Ireland

I'm definitely not a clean freak. In fact I find it quite difficult to deal with clean freaks. I like to be clean but I don't go overboard with it, so my house is... sometimes is messy, but I know where everything is most of the time. And I tidy up maybe once every couple of weeks depending how messy my house gets. I don't like it too messy.

Ah, am I a clean freak? No. I'm a total slob. I'm about the biggest slob that I know. When people come over to my apartment, they're disgusted all the time. I have trash all over the place. I let it get out of control. I leave dishes in the sink all the time. I have my dirty clothes in a huge pile in the corner of my room. This is not a knock on my poor mother, because my mother is very, very clean and she raised me to be clean, and I don't know, something went wrong, and I'm just a total slob.

Todd, United States

Useful english expressions to see translation

...or what have you.

...o lo que sea. (en tu caso)



It drives me nuts

Me vuelve loco

Scrubbing, hoovering and dusting

Fregar (limpiar), pasar la aspiradora y quitar el povo

It's messy/junky

Esta desordenado

To go overboard

Pasarse de la raya o exagerar

He's a slob

Es un cerdo (muy desordenado o sucio)

To let it get out of control

Dejar que se salga de control

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