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The question is:

  What is good about your hometown?

...and here's the script ;)

Akane, Canada

What is good about your hometown? One thing that is good about my hometown, Toronto, is that it's a very multi-cultural city. That means that there are many different people from many different countries, all over the world, so I really enjoy going out and eating different kinds of foods from different places. You can have Thai food, Indian food, Chinese food, French food, Italian food, Portuguese food, all kinds of food, and I really, really enjoy that part of my city.

One good thing about my hometown? Well, my hometown is Perth, in Western Australia. Ah, the best thing about my hometown is uh... well, it's got a lot of parks and gardens and wide open spaces. We've got a beautiful river, the great outdoors. That's the best thing. You can really enjoy fresh air and sunshine.

Barbara, Australia

Mark,  United States

My hometown is Birmingham, Alabama in America. I guess the good thing about Birmingham is it's a very friendly place. The south has a reputation for being friendly, and it's true, when you're there, people are generally very nice to you, and pretty much anywhere you go, even complete strangers will be nice to you, and we have a unique accent in Alabama, I don't normally talk that way but it's usually interesting for other English speakers to hear.

OK, so I'm from Philadelphia and I think the best thing about my hometown is the food, as Philadelphia is famous for the Philly Cheese steak*, and also for soft pretzels*, usually people like to put spicy mustard on them and it's a very good treat in the summer with Italian ice.

Jeannie, United States

Pretzel and Philly Cheesesteak.

Naomi, Australia

My hometown is a very small town called Melanie, on the Sunshine Coast. It's located on top of the, on one part of the Great Dividing* range of Australia so it's quite highly elevated mountain village. It has beautiful views of the Sunshine Coast, all the way down to the beach, and it's got a really nice sense of community being such a small town.

* The Great dividing range is Australia's most subtantial mountain range, also known as the Eastern Highlands.

What's good? Well,there are many good things really. I really like the people in my hometown, and I also like the fact that if you go shopping everything is really quite cheap and I can get to town really easily from my house. They are all really good things. On the other hand, sometimes it's a little bit difficult because there's really not that much to do except for that. The cost and everything is really good.

Ruth, England

Useful english expressions

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Vacations in the "great outdoors"

Vacaciones en la "naturaleza"

Fresh air

Aire limpio y fresco

Range or mountain range

Cordillera o cadena montañosa

Sense of community

Sentido de pertenencia

To "get to" somewhere

"Llegar" a algun lugar

"On the other hand,..."

"Por otro lado,..."

He has a reputation for being...

Él tiene reputación de ser...

I like the fact that if you...

Me gusta el hecho de que si tú...

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What's good about your hometown?

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