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Description: Kerry shares her recipe for making a delicious omelet.

Country: Kerry and Todd from the U.S.

Time: 2:12

Level: Intermediate

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Audio Script


TODDAlright Keri! uhm... You cook, right! You're a pretty good cook.                                           






TODD TODDOK. I want to make an omelet, so actually this is really silly, I've never made one before. How do you make an omelet?  
  KERRYOK, Well, I can teach you how I make them, which is the same way my father and grandmother make them, it's a little special.
TODD TODDOK. Yeah! Yeah!  
  KERRYFirst you take some eggs and crack them into a bowl, and whisk them up, quite, so they're quite high and fluffy, and in a hot pan, umm, and you need a pan that's that's kind of small, that the sides go up at an angle. You put some oil and heat it up, so it's quite hot, and then you take your whipped up eggs, or whisked up eggs, and pour them into the pan, and as it's cooking, if you take a spatula, and push the bottom layer of the egg, to the side, to the sides, and then to the middle, so the uncooked egg gets to the bottom of the pan.
  KERRYOK. And keep doing that until most of the egg is cooked so you should have a nice thick omelet and then flip it over, you'll only have to cook that side lightly. Put your fillings on the top and fold it over and let it sit just long enough to melt the cheese.
TODD TODDWow. That sounds really good.  
  KERRYMm, it is.
TODD TODDWow. What fillings do you recommend?  
  KERRY Uhm...Well, if you wanna do a real simple one, you can just use some pre-made salsa and cheese, and that's easy, or you can, umm, choose something like cut up some ham and cheese, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, anything that you like. Uhm, if you wanna make a spinach omelet then you have to add the cooked spinach to the egg mixture. So it's actually cooked in it. It's inside bacon and sour cream is nice and Jack cheese.
TODD TODDOh, OK. I'll have to give that a try. Thanks!  
  KERRY(OK) Sure.

Vocabulary Notes

Crack them

"Take some eggs and crack them into a bowl"

To 'crack' something is to break it.  In this case to break the eggs so that they open.  Notice the following:


  1. Can you crack open these peanuts?
  2. It is difficult to crack open a coconut.

"Whisk the eggs until they're quite high and fluffy"

To 'whisk' something is to stir a liquid really quickly with a special cooking tool.  Notice the following:


  1. Did you whisk the milk and sugar?
  2. It is important to whisk the ingredients really well.
At an angle

"You need a small pan with sides that go up at an angle"

If something is 'at an angle' it is not exactly straight up and down, but leaning or off to one side.  Notice the following:


  1. That picture is hanging at an angle.
  2. The back of the chair was at an angle to make it more comfortable.

Whipped up

"Take the whipped up eggs and pour them into the pan"

If something is 'whipped up' it is mixed quickly for a long time to add air to it.  Notice the following:

  1.    The cream was whipped up into small peaks.
  2. Do the butter and sugar need to be whipped up?
Flip it over

"When most of the egg is cooked, flip it over and cook the other side lightly"

When you 'flip something over' you turn it to the other side.  In cooking we do this so both sides are cooked evenly. Notice the following:


  1. You should flip the towels over so both sides get dry.
  2. Remember to flip the steak over in about 7 minutes.

Now, it's your turn!

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