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Matts explains why his family has a special relationship with dogs.

Country: Matt and Todd from the U.S.

Time: 2:15

Level: Intermediate

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Audio Script


TODD: (Ok) Hello Matt!                                    




MATTHello Todd! 

TODD TODDMatt, I'm gonna  ask you some questions about pets.   
TODD TODD: Uh...First question, do you have a pet?   
  Yes, uh in my fa... my mom's house we have three, three pets; two dogs and a cat. My... my family actually raises dogs for helping blind people.
TODD TODDOh, really!  
  MATTYeah, yeah.
TODD TODDWow, how do they train the dogs?


  MATTHow do they train the dogs? Well, I mean, it's a long process, right... I mean, we get them when they're puppies.....and so we train them know, sit, come... really basic things... and then, after they're about two year old, they go a different training school.
TODD TODDOh, wow , that's great!  
  MATTYeah, yeah!
TODD TODDHow many dogs do they usually train at a time?  
  MATTOh, just one! We have our own dog, and then we have a dog, that we have for training. It’s one dog at a time.
TODD TODDDo you ever see the dogs you trained, like out on the street, or anything?
  MATT: Hahaha! Sometimes we see them, dogs have like  a… you know,  sort of conventions of...uh… reunions of the pets so, yeah, you get to see them once in a  while.
TODD TODDUm, why do people keep pets?  
  MATTI guess the most important is companionship, right! So there is  somebody always, always there for you that will like you no matter what.
TODD TODDYeah, it's true. OK, besides cats, dogs, and fish, what are some other pets people keep?  
  MATTUh, well, I guess uh, if you are Siegfried and Roy you can keep a tiger or lion. I guess all types of things, don't they?.  I mean, my friend has a snake....I don't know if you mention that, snake and... ferrets and... insects, spiders...All kinds of things.
TODD TODDAll right, um, yeah, like there is so many. What are some costs associated with keeping a pet?  
  MATT: Uh, food is probably the biggest cost, but also if you keep the dog, particularly a dog in your house,  and when they are puppies, and we have a lot of puppies, they'll chew up everything they can, so we're constantly replacing shoes and, you know, cleaning up pee from the carpet and things like it can be a hassle.
TODD TODDYeah, OK. Uh, thanks a lot man, and by the way, where are you from?  
  MATTI'm from the U.S.A., from Minnesota.


TODD TODDOK, great!  

Vocabulary Notes

 Raise (dogs)

"My family actually raises dogs for helping blind people".

To 'raise' a dog is to have and train a dog from the time they are very young until they are mature.  We also use the term 'raise' to refer to children and helping them grow up. Notice the following: 


  1. It is easy to raise your children in the suburbs.
  2. We used to raise chickens a few years ago.
 Train / training school

"Sometimes, they train the dogs in a training school".

To 'train' an animal is to teach it to act the way you want it to.  This can be responding to commands or behaving well.  They teach these things at a training school. Notice the following:

  1. Most people send their dogs to training school.


   2.He trained his dog to roll over.

 Keep pets

"Why do you think people keep pets?"

To 'keep' a pet to is have an animal that lives in your house with you that you care for.  Notice the following: 


  1. We kept rabbits as pets for a long time.
  2. Would you ever keep a pet snake?

Biggest cost / associated with

"What would you say is the biggest cost associated with keeping a pet?"

The 'biggest cost' of something is the most expensive part of it to maintain.  If a cost is 'associated with" something it is connected to it.  Notice the following:


  1.  For most people the biggest cost associated with having a car is the gasoline.
  2.  What's the biggest cost associated with having a house?

"Cleaning up pee and things like that can be a hassle".

A hassle is a difficult or frustrating task.  Notice the following: 


  1. Planning parties can be a big hassle.
  2. Is it a hassle to give me a ride home?

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