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  • Al final podrás elegir un personaje y silenciar su parte de la conversación para que tomes su lugar en una conversación simulada. (Para ello haz click sobre los simbolos micrófono que aparecen en su imagen, luego presiona "modo continuo" para empezar la conversación)
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Tim discusses running both as a sport and for recreation.

Country: Tim and Todd from the U.S.

Time: 1:28

Level: Advanced

Normal speed

A bit slower

Audio Script


TODDOK, uh, Tim, we're going to talk about running.





TODDNow, we've been running the last couple of nights.

  TIM: Yeah, that's true.

TODDyeah, and, uh, you’re much faster than me. You're a fast runner. Umm, how often do you run?


                                    TIM: Uh Wwll now I only run      about four days a week. But, when I was younger                                                                    everyday.


TODDOh, really. Wow! Did you run in high school or college?


           TIM: I ran, I started when I was six years old.


TODDNo kidding!


                            TIMAnd I started running and I                    ran all the way through, uh, the university.






TODDOK. So what events did you do?

  TIMMiddle distance, middle distance which is 1,500 meters to uh, 5,000 meters. 
TODD TODDWow! Are you a better short distance runner or long distance runner?  
  TIMMiddle distance runner. 
TODD TODDMiddle distance. OK, how far is a middle distance?  
  TIMOh, 1,500 meters, about. 
TODD TODD1,500.  
TODD TODDOK! Uh, what's your fastest time in the 1,500 meters?  
  TIM: Uh, 3.... about 3:47. 
TODD TODDThree minutes and forty seven seconds.  
TODD TODDThat's pretty fast.  
  TIMYeah. I did that in high school actually. I wasn't so fast in the university.
TODD TODDNow I don't feel so bad when you run so much faster than me…(I didn’t know that)    
  TIM: Uh, I'm slowing down. I've been uh, been drinking beer so I don't run so fast anymore.
TODD TODDYeah, we're getting older. Actually, um, I'm 33. How old are you?  
  TIMI'm 27.
TODD TODD:27. Oh, OK. So, do you think you'll be running your whole life?


  TIMI think so, yeah. I grew up running in the woods, every day in the woods, and so I really wanna get back to running in the woods every day. I think it’s really healthy thing to do.
TODD TODDYeah. That's nice. OK. Thanks a lot, Tim.  


Vocabulary Notes

Clouple of

“We've been running the last couple of nights”

Specifically a 'couple of' means two, but we usually use it in a more general sense to mean two or three.  We use this phrase when we aren't giving exact information.  Notice the following:

1.   Can our dog stay with you for a couple of days?


2.   She has been on vacation the last couple of weeks.

No kidding

“[I started running when I was six years old.] No kidding!”

'No kidding' is used as a response to a statement we think is unbelievable.  Notice the following:

1.   "I have twelve brothers and sisters."  "No kidding!"


2.   No kidding! I didn't know you grew up here.

All (the way) through

“I ran all the way through university”

If you did something 'all through university' it means that you did it the entire time you were there, not constantly, but consistently.  Notice the following:

1.   They played tennis all through middle school and high school.


2.   She will be traveling all though March.


“What events did you do?”

When we are talking about 'events' like this it is a competition that you do in the sport 'track and field'.  Each event is a different distance or physical test.  Notice the following:

1.   The high jump is my favorite event to watch.


2.   You are only allowed to do three events at the next competition.

Slow down

“I'm slowing down, because I've been drinking beer”

If you 'slow down' it means you don't go as fast as you did before.  Notice the following:

1.   After a few speeding tickets I have learned to slow down when I drive


2.   He started running full speed and he didn't slow down until he got to his house.

Now, it's your turn!

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