Real English Conversations


  • Escucha la conversación. Elige "modo normal" o "un poco más lento". Es recomendable que escuches primero sin seguir el script.
  • Pon atención al vocabulario nuevo y enfocate en la pronunciacíon.
  • Al final podrás elegir un personaje y silenciar su parte de la conversación para que tomes su lugar en una conversación simulada. (Para ello haz click sobre los simbolos micrófono que aparecen en su imagen, luego presiona "modo continuo" para empezar la conversación)
Aprende ingles con conversaciones de hablantes nativos.


Cat is from England. She talks a little about the town she is from.

Country: Cat from England and Todd from the U.S.

Time: 1:05

Level: Intermediate

Normal speed

A bit slower

Audio Script


TODDHello! Can I have your name please?






TODDCat! Uh, is that short for something?

  CAT: Short for Kathryn.

TODDKathryn. OK, Kathryn. What's your full name?



                                            CAT: Kathryn Lovelock.


TODDOh, nice name. Nice!


                                              CATGlad you think so.


TODDAnd where are you from?


                                               CATUh, from England.


TODDOK. Where in England?


                                                              CATUh, in the Southeast. A small town just by the seaside.



TODDNice. So you live by the beach?


  CATYes, about ten minutes from the beach. 
TODD TODDWow, do you surf?  
  CATIt's not the kind of place you can surf. The waves are too small and the sea is too cold.
TODD TODDOK. Uh, what kind of place is your town?  
  CATWhat kind of place? 
  CATIt''s..well it’s very very small. It's normally really busy in the summer. There's not very much to do there, but when the sun is shining you can go to the beach. It's really good.
TODD TODDHow far is it from London?  
                    CAT: Uh, about 70 miles, so that's about two hours by train. 
  CATFrom Central London. 
TODD TODDSo when you go to London you go by train?  
  CAT: Because you can't drive, there's nowhere to park.

Vocabulary Notes

Have your name

“Can I have your name, please?”

'Can I have your name?' is a polite and formal way to ask someone what his name is.  This typically used in a customer service or administrative situation. Notice the following:


  1. Thank you for calling.  Can I have your name please?
  2. I will see if he's available to speak with you.  Can I have your name please?


Short for

“Her nickname Cat is short for Kathryn”

If a word or name is 'short for' another word it is usually a portion of the long word.  Many people in the U.S. use shortened versions of their name.  Notice the following:


  1. His name is Bill, short for William.
  2. Is Pat short for Patricia?
Full name

“What's your full name?”

Your 'full name' would include the long version of your first name, your middle name and your last name or names.  You use your full name for important or legal documents. Notice the following:


  1. I've never heard your full name before.
  2. My full name doesn't fit in this tiny space.

The seaside

“A small town just by the seaside”

“the seaside” is an area that is near the sea, especially one where people go for a holiday. Notice the following:

1.   This was their first holiday together at the seaside.


2.   How could I forget that summer party at the seaside?

Nowhere to park

“You can't drive because there's nowhere to park”

When there is 'nowhere to park' it means there is not a place to put your car and leave it for a long time.  This could mean that there are zero actual parking spaces, or that it is always very crowded and no spaces are usually available. Notice the following:


  1. There is nowhere to park in front of your building.
  2. There will be nowhere to park near the fair so we will have to walk.

Now, it's your turn!

"Click on "Start Step by Step" for listening each sentence one by one. Click on "Start Continuos mode" to listen the whole dialog. If you want to listen a sentence click on it. If you see a micro over a character picture, you have to get its role and read its text on its turn."

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