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  • Escucha la conversación. Elige "modo normal" o "un poco más lento". Es recomendable que escuches primero sin seguir el script.
  • Pon atención al vocabulario nuevo y enfocate en la pronunciacíon.
  • Al final podrás elegir un personaje y silenciar su parte de la conversación para que tomes su lugar en una conversación simulada. (Para ello haz click sobre los simbolos micrófono que aparecen en su imagen, luego presiona "modo continuo" para empezar la conversación)
Aprende ingles con conversaciones de hablantes nativos


Tim is from Oregon. He explains it is such a good place to live in the U.S.

Country: Tim and Todd from the U.S.

Time: 1:07

Level: Intermediate

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Audio Script





TIMHey, how's it going?


TODDDoing pretty good. Uh, could you introduce yourself please?

  TIM: Yeah, I'm Tim Peterson. I'm from Oregon in the United States.

TODDOK, and were you born there?



                                            TIM: Yes, I was born there.


TODDOh, really, did you ever live in any other states or..?


                                             TIMUh, I lived in Wyoming for a really short timeAnd, I've lived in California for a short time too.


TODDOK. Uh, of those three states, which one is the best?




TODDReally? Why?


                                                              TIMUh, it's got lots of nature. It's really beautiful. I think  in the… in the United States probably Oregon and Washington state are the most beautiful. Lots of green stuff and the lots of nature. Good mountains, good streams, good water.



TODDWow! Well, what about the… Wyoming?


  TIMWyoming is nice but it is really dry. And it's really sort of dark.   
TODD TODDOh. OK. Wow, so when you grow old and retire someday, and you're a very young guy, but when you grow old, would you like to live in Oregon?  
  TIMUh, Oregon or Washington probably. Maybe Alaska. 
TODD TODDYeah! Not California?  
TODD TODD: Oh man, the Golden State.  
  TIM:Yeah, too many people.
TODD TODDAlright, Yeah! Ok. Thanks a lot.  

Vocabulary Notes

Doing pretty good

“[How's it going?] Doing pretty good”

We can give the answer 'doing pretty good' when we are asked how we are feeling.  Technically this is not grammatically correct, but it is very commonly used.  Notice the following:


  1. She is doing pretty good at her new job.
  2. I am actually doing pretty good now.


Introduce yourself

“Could you introduce yourself, please?”

When we 'introduce ourselves' we say our name and maybe a little bit about ourselves, like where we are from or what hobbies we have.  Notice the following:


  1. Please introduce yourself to the class.
  2. I always hated introducing myself in school classes.
Short time

“I lived in Wyoming for a really short time”

A 'short time' is a small amount of time.  The actual amount of time changes depending on the situation. In the example, a short time is probably a few weeks or months, but if you wait a short time for a bus it is probably a few minutes.  Notice the following:


  1. She was only here for a short time before she left again.
  2. We lived in a hotel for a short time at first.

Of those

“Of those three states, which one is the best?”

We use the phrase 'of those' to refer back to some different options that were stated already in the conversation.  We use this phrase so we don't have to repeat what has already been said.  Notice the following:

  1. Of those restaurants, which is your favorite?

Of those countries, which was the most beautiful?

Lots of nature

“Oregon and Washington State have lots of nature”

'Nature' is natural aspects such as trees, lakes, rivers and animals.  There is 'lots of nature' in a natural place.  Notice the following:


  1. There is lots of nature around the school.
  2. Does your area have lots of nature?

Now, it's your turn!

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