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Michael talks a little about his country, Australia, and its cities.

Country: Michael from Australia and Todd from the U.S.

Time: 1:57

Level: Intermediate

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Audio Script


TODDHello Michael.                                    



MICHAELHello Todd.


TODD TODDUh,we're gonna talk about Australia. Or you’re gonna talk about Australia. So first of all, how many people live in Australia?  
  MICHAELAustralia? Oh, there's got twenty million people living in Australia right now. A little bit under, but close to twenty.
TODD TODDOK. Uh, what are the biggest cities?   
  MICHAEL: The biggest city? The biggest city is Sydney, then it's followed by Melbourne and then Brisbane, umm… and then I think it's Perth. But most of the big cities are on the East Coast of Australia. And Perth is on the west coast, but sort of  out there by itself.
TODD TODDOK. Um, if you had to live in one place where would you live?  
  MICHAELI like Brisbane. I had my teenage years in Brisbane, growing up in Brisbane, um or maybe Sidney ‘cause it is a big city, but Brisbane has got the gold coast and  sunshine.
TODD TODDOh, nice. Umm, what is the capital city of Australia?   
  MICHAELUh, Canberra is the capital city. But is not the biggest city. Sydney is the biggest city. Canberra was made sort of by the politicians so Sydney wouldn't get too crowded. It's a separate territory.
TODD TODDUh-huh. Alright, have you been to all the major cities in Australia?
  MICHAELumm...I’ve been to Melbourne when I was young, but yeah, I have. Only a short time in Perth.
TODD TODDOK. What is the best thing about Australia?  
  MICHAELThe best thing about Australia? Umm, probably the friendly people. The relaxed attitude, and we like visitors from other cultures. Yeah.


TODD TODDOh, cool. Uh, how are Australians different than other people? How are they unique?
  MICHAELHow are Australians unique? Um, I would say that we're more fun-loving maybe or accepting of other people. And we don't mind making new friends and actually conversing with other people.
TODD TODDYeah, oh that's good. That's nice. OK. Thanks a lot Michael.  
  MICHAELNo worries.

Vocabulary Notes

 Under, close to (about)

“There's got 20 million - a little bit under, but close to 20”.

We use these phrases before giving an approximate number or distance to show that it is not the exact number.  Notice the following:


  1. There are just under one million people living here.
  2. It's close to nine hours by bus to get there.
 Capital (city)

"What is the capital city of Australia?"

A capital city is the official location of governmental offices within a state or country.  The capital is usually, but not always, the largest city.  Notice the following:


  1. Do you live near the capital?
  2. You can visit the governmental buildings in the capital city.
 Get crowded

"The politicians didn't want Sydney to get too crowded."

If a place 'gets crowded', too many people are there at the same time and it makes moving around more difficult.  Crowded places are not usually comfortable to be in because there is not enough space. Notice the following:


  1. This town gets really crowded during the summer.
  2. The gym gets crowded after 5 o'clock.

 Fun-loving and accepting

"Australians are fun-loving and accepting of other people".

Someone who is 'fun-loving' enjoys having a good time.  An 'accepting' person doesn't make judgments about other people.  They appreciate people from all different backgrounds.  Notice the following:


  1. He is a fun-loving person, but he can be serious too.
  2. My grandparents aren't the most accepting people.
Don't mind

"We don't mind making new friends and conversing with other people".

If you 'don't mind' doing something then it is not a problem for you.  We use this phrase for things we don't necessarily like, but they are not a big deal. Notice the following:


  1. She doesn't mind traveling by train.
  2. I don't mind pizza, but I prefer pasta.

Now, it's your turn!

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