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Gabrielle is heading back to New Zealand. She talks about her plans.

Country: Gabrielle from New Zealand and Todd from the U.S.

Time: 1:24

Level: Intermediate

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Audio Script


TODDHello, Gabrielle!





TODD TODDHow are you doing today?


  GABRIELLEGood! thanks!
TODD TODDGabrielle, I hear that you are going back home to New Zealand.


  GABRIELLEThat's right. I'm going home for summer.
TODD TODDOK. Uh, what are your plans?


  GABRIELLEUmm… Probably a week relaxing, going camping, and then I'm going back to work.


TODD TODDOh, OK. Where do you work (in New Zealand)?


  GABRIELLE: Umm, I teach as an English teacher in Christchurch, in New Zealand. 

TODDOh, OK. And that's where you're from, naturally.

  GABRIELLE: That's right.
TODD TODDWere you born there?  
  GABRIELLEI was, yeah!


TODD TODD: Ok, well, you’ll have this short little break, uh, break or vacation, uh, you’re gonna to the beach...or the mountains?  
  GABRIELLE: Aaah...Probably…probably to the beach and camping for about a week with friends, yeah!
TODD TODDActually, how warm is it in the summer?
  GABRIELLEMmm, Probably a maximum of 30 degrees. So it’s a nice dry heat! Very comfortable.
TODD TODDSo when you go to the beach is the water warm enough (to swim in)?
  GABRIELLE: (Oh No, no, no!) We swim but it is not warm. Yeah! It's pretty chilly actually, but...
TODD TODDOK. Any other plans when you go home?
  GABRIELLEUmm,Yeah, I'm looking forward to catching up with friends and family and animals.
  GABRIELLEWell, I miss my pets.
TODD TODDOK, well, what pets do you have?
  GABRIELLE: Umm, well, I have a cat and a dog and a sheep called Sydney and two gold fish.
  GABRIELLEYeah! And I really miss them.
TODD TODDI'm sure they're really excited to see you. Alright, thanks a lot.  

Vocabulary Notes

 Short break

"I'm going home on a short break for the summer".

A 'short break' is time that is used to relax and escape from the stress of daily life.  This can be a few minutes, hours or days depending on what you are talking about.  Notice the following:


  1. I always need to take a short break from work in the afternoon.
  2. A weekend away will be a short break from life.
Warm enough and chilly

"Is the water warm enough to swim in? No, it's actually pretty chilly".

If a temperature is 'warm enough' then it is high enough to be comfortable.  If something is 'chilly' it is too cold to be comfortable.  Notice the following:


  1. Is the soup warm enough for you?
  2. It's a little chilly outside today.
 Look forward

"I look forward to going home".

You 'look forward' to a future event that you are excited about. Notice the following:


  1. I am really looking forward to having my own apartment.
  2. Do you look forward to graduating?

 Catch up

"I'm going to catch up with friends and family and animals".

To 'catch up' with people means to talk to them and find out what they are doing now in their lives or any recent news that they have.  Notice the following:


  1. It was really nice to catch up with you.
  2. We can get coffee and catch up.
 Miss (my pets)

"I really miss my pets".

To 'miss' a person or a place is have positive feelings about something that is not physically close to you right now, and you sometimes have some feeling of longing or regret.  Notice the following:


  1. What do you miss the most about Mexico?
  2. She loved her new school, but missed her old friends.

Now, it's your turn!

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